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Be Right There has been the Twin Cities Metro Area one stop lawn and yard service shop for nearly a decade. Our customer's would say that it is our communication skills and our attention to detail that sets us apart from larger landscape companies.

We will cut, mow, trim, dig, chop, and haul away most anything to preserve the safety and beauty of your landscape. We have performed hundreds of clean ups on properties either newly listed or just recently purchased.

Because we deal mainly with organic material, we do not have the usual overhead as larger companies. This allows us to pass on savings to you up to 30% . Our customer retention rate is also very high; some of our customers have been with us since we started.

The best way to get started is for you to contact us to schedule a free estimate. We can either meet you at your home, or if permission is granted, we can do a walk through on our own provided we have a few extra details about what it is you are looking to have done.

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It is always helpful to inquire about the variety of services that we offer as we are constantly adding skills and techniques to our list.  If you need something hauled away we can do it.  Some of the other services not mentioned below are paver patio and fire pit packages, gutter cleaning, small to medium tree removal and the relocating or installation of new plants, shrubs or trees. If it needs to be done, we have already done it so go ahead and ask.  Since every yard is unique in its own way, we find it necessary to remain open minded when it comes to our skills.  Because every yard is unique in so many ways it is very difficult to provide a specific price list of all of our services.  On average we charge $100 per hour for a crew of three workers.  For specifically lawn mowing we hover around the industry standard which can be found by simply searching for the current price for lawn mowing in your area.

With lawn care we also fertilize, edge, aerate and dethatch as well as mole removal (the rodents). Don't forget that we offer FREE ESTIMATES!!!.


Lawn Care


A nice looking, healthy lawn is easy to take for granted..  And there is more than one way to mow it. We offer mowing either per visit, or you can get a little better deal and go with monthly or seasonal. Prices vary depending on several factors. The monthly and seasonal lawn maintenance packages can also include weeding when necessary and hedge or tree trimming.  We do not usually mow lawns that are wet, and we always clean the lawn of any debris or clumps of cut grass.  Then we trim anything the mower couldn't reach.

One customer referred to our final stage of blowing the lawn clean as putting on the polish and we agree. It is another one of those extra steps that sets us above so many others in the business.

Lawn Installation & Repair


Whether we are seeding or sodding your lawn, we will make follow-up visits to ensure that the seeds germinate or the sod takes to the ground.  We can also set up a temporary watering system so you do not need to worry about it.  Too little and too much watering is the #1 reason new lawns fail.  We have yet to have one of our lawns dry up.

The key to successful seeding or sodding is in the prep work which for us is making sure the soil is free from old sod, weeds, and even tree roots routing to close to the surface.  If growing grass has failed in a particular area we can examine the soil and supplement it accordingly.  We have not had a lawn fail yet.




Our tools are always sharpened before each job to ensure nice, clean cuts to any of the foliage. This promotes quick recovery and healthy growth after each trimming.

We also removes dead bushes or other unwanted small to medium size growths around your yard as well as large tree branch removal.  Then we haul away all the waste.

There is a difference between trimming and pruning.  Trimming is to maintain a certain size or height of a plant where pruning can either be to promote new growth to the entire plant or specific areas or just to maintain the health of the plant.  They require different tools.



Mulch is a great way to enhance your garden beds and can also be used for weed prevention.  If properly installed, weed control fabric beneath 2 or more  inches of mulch can keep the area free of weeds for several seasons.  Mulch should be refreshed each year and replaced every 4 years.

Fabric and mulch can be added around existing plants at anytime. Mulch comes in a variety of shapes, textures and colors.  For our jobs we purchase mulch in bulk form or by the cubic yard.  This also allows for better pricing, but it does fluctuate.


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